About Us

    We are fashion rebels who celebrate our individual style in the sea of fashion sameness. You will not see our bold, edgy custom fit pieces and awesome distressed denim on everyone because we are exclusive. We know that feeling good comes from looking great! So, every garment is hella fresh and super dope. Dirty Ego celebrates the fashion forward and toast to you having a truly personalized fashion experience, Cheers!

Our story began in the fashion capital of the world Jackson, Mississippi! Lmao ..I know far from it, but this is where I was born, raised and where my love for fashion grew at an early age. I would steal my aunts Spiegel catalog and browse through it, imaging the day I would be able to wear everything in it. This would happen every season until one day I realized not only did I want to wear everything in the catalog but I was curious about how they garments wear made... it was weird..I would think maybe I could make them.

My first contact with a sewing machine was with my grandmother. She sewed for fun; making aprons and placemats for the house. She was creative, funny, encouraging, and just a little strict with me; except when it came to fashion. She would let me wear whatever I wanted because to her it was my way of expressing myself. .

Although my grandmother always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy for college, I decided to go with a local university to stay close to home and to study something practical. So instead of being a world renowned fashion designer I would be a...wait for it.. wait for it.. a super exciting accountant.

In my senior year of college I was well on my way to preparing your financial statements and doing your taxes. But my world came to a tragic halt. I was in class when I received a phone call that made me rush home, my grandmother was in a serious car accident and by the time I got home she had past away. 

I was devastated and went into a deep depression. After pulling myself together I realized that life was short and tomorrow wasn't promised, I had to move away, I had to get out of Mississippi and do something to make me happy and something I know my grandmother would be proud of. 

In search of those things, I moved to Atlanta. I found a job as a bartender and got an apartment. I met lots of new friends. One in particular I felt comfortable with sharing my dreams and ideas, recommended I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. I read it in 3 days and decided to start my fashion brand. I watched tons of Youtube tutorials on how to sew, how to stud, and how to start your own business. I went to every thrift store I could find and bought a bunch of vintage denim. I was someone possessed...with creating the ideas I had in my head. I distressed, cut, studded, bleached, anything I could do to transform it into something I would wear.

People started noticing my designs and I was shocked when I had the opportunity to dress a celebrity with those vintage creations for videos and concerts. I felt encouraged. I opened up a store on Etsy and sold more than a few items. The money I made I put back in the business. After hearing girls around me complain about constantly seeing other girls in their dresses and these same dresses not fitting right, I decide it was time to introduce my unique dresses that were custom fits and designed to stand out. Making my own garments has been exciting and challenging but at the same time so so rewarding. Im still an awe when I see how excited girls are when wearing one of my pieces. I'm still perfecting my skills and design techniques in order to bring you even more awesome creations. Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I guarantee you that DIRTYEGO will continue to provide you with exclusive quality fashion to make you look and feel great!